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Robert McCabe was born in Chicago in 1934 and grew up in the New York City area. His father worked for a picture newspaper in New York, and as the result of the gift of a Kodak Baby Brownie McCabe started taking photographs when he was five. His earliest quest was for newsworthy photographs and he gathered images of hurricanes, drownings, and auto and train accidents. His interests shifted to people, still life, and landscapes during three years in western Massachusetts where little of dramatic interest occurred.

His first photographs of Europe were the result of a trip in 1954 to France, Italy, and Greece while he was an undergraduate at Princeton. He returned to Greece in 1955 and 1957 via freighter from the U.S. and traveled extensively in the Aegean, shooting with a Rolleiflex and Plus-X film. In 1957 he took a series of color photographs in the Greek Islands at the request of the National Geographic Society.·

His black and white photos

In recent years his images have been displayed the at the Art Association in Jackson Hole, Wyoming; the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute in New York; The Hellenic Centre in London; the Embassy of Greece in Brussels, Belgium; and at multiple locations in Greece including exhibitions in Athens, Salonica, Patras, Santorini, Monodendri, Poros, Corfu, Patmos, and Anatolia College. In 2008, in the framework of Mois de la Photo, he exhibited a selection of photographs of Greece at Galerie Sit Down in Paris.·

His bestselling book, Greece: Images of an Enchanted Land 1954-1965 was published by Quantuck Lane Press in the U.S. and by Patakis Editions in Greece. It is in its fourth printing. ·His photos of Greece have also appeared in numerous books by other authors.

Other books he has published include:

- Weekend in Havana: An American Photographer in the Forbidden City (2007, Patakis and Abbeville Press)

- On the Road with a Rollei on the ‘50s (2007, Patakis)

- Grèce: les années d’innocence (2008, Editions Filgranes)

- DeepFreeze! A Photographer’s Antarctic Odyssey in the Year 1959 (published in 2010 to commemorate the centennial of the attainment of the South Pole)

- The Ramble in Central Park: A Wilderness West of Fifth (2011, Abbeville Press, Winner of the ForeWord Gold Medal for Best in the Nature category of 2011 books).

- China-Greece: Ancient Peoples, Changing Worlds (2012, Patakis)

- Patmos: Pathways of Memory (2013) published in concert with an exhibition in Patmos of the same name.

- Mycenae 1954: High Noon (2014, Patakis).

- Mycenae: From Myth to History (2016, Abbeville)

- Wooden Boats of the Aegean, 1954-64 (Citronne, 2016) published in concert with an exhibition at Gallery Citronne in Poros in May 2016.

Currently Mr. McCabe is working on a long list of projects. Those include books: “Portraits of the Greeks”; and “Life in the Aegean Islands in the 1950s” (possibly coinciding with an exhibition in Mykonos); as well as an exhibition tentatively titled “The Greeks and Their Seas” and another of photographs of Greek archaeological sites in the 1950s.

McCabe’s photographs are represented by galleries in the U.S., France, and Greece. He lives and works in the United States, Greece and France.