Weekend in Havana
An American Photographer in
the Forbidden City


"I'm amazed at how Robert McCabe has been able to capture the soul of a city in three short days. Colors, relationships, politics, plights, the sweetness and light, as well as the darkness -- all are here between the covers of this wonderfully compassionate book.

As someone who has traveled twice to Havana in the last decade, I feel as I can now say I've been there a lot more times; three, four, seven, ten journeys into its heart as I've turned the pages of this book. For those who know the city and for those who don't this book is a journey into the heart of a brave and beautiful and complex people and place. We will have this Havana forever, even after the current one undergoes the vast changes which no doubt await it in the years to come.".

Julia Alvarez
Author of Saving the World and
In the Name of Salome

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