Greece: Images of an Enchanted Land
[1954 - 1965]

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Greece: Images of an Enchanted Land

I am deeply grateful to the many friends, as well as several new acquaintences, who have provided guidance and often invaluable introductions that have helped bring this project to completion. Among these are: Joyce Menschel, Charles Ellis, Paula Cooper, John Doyle, Weston Naef, the late Nikos Strangos, Robert Abrams, Jim Mairs, Walter Lippincott, John Demos, Angelos Delivorrias, Dimitris Yeros, Gillett Griffin, Constantine Manos, John Camp, Aris Caratzas, John Goodman, Edmund Kelley, Andrew Szegedy-Maszak, Randall Warner, Enzo Viscus, and Alberto Vitale.

I want to thank Anna Pataki and her firm for their enthusiastic adoption of this project: Vasso Avramopoulou and her associates for their patience and excellent design; Sue Medlicott and Massimo Tonolli for the book's production; Peter Nomikos for introducing me to his homeland; George Marinos for the superb set of prints he made for this publicatioin; Athina Cacouri and Kostis Arvantis for their translations; Charles McCabe for bringing his brother to Greece in the first place; and Willy Ronis for his warm and generous assistance in the selection of the photographs and their ordering.


Robert McCabe
Athens, May 2004

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